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The most important meal of the day.

So you’ve been told, but why?

Starting your day off empty after already going 8+ hours with no food is like trying to drive your car with no gas in the tank. You’re not going to make it very far. Productivity at work will be hindered. Mental focus slow. Not to mention the potential to negatively affect your metabolism.

Reasons not to Skip:

  • Jump start your metabolism. The simple act of eating first thing doesn’t get full credit for burning more calories. While eating breakfast does get your digestive juices flowing, you only burn about 10% more calories. If you choose sugary or high fat foods, forget about that increase in metabolism. You’re better off skipping.

  • Increased energy. The rest of the calorie burning credit goes to the simple fact that you feel more energized. This is particularly true for your morning activities. Filling your tank in the morning gives you the needed energy to go at tasks full speed. Trying to accomplish those same tasks on empty results in sluggish effort, thus fewer calories spent. If you are a morning exerciser, you see where this is going? You won’t work as hard. You will not reap the full benefits from sacrificing your time. Simply put, morning calories = fuel = increased effort = bigger calorie deficit.

  • Easier to focus on daily tasks. Studies link the effects of skipping breakfast to student performance. The most notable academic performance problems coupled with skipping breakfast include attention problems, reduced ability to critically apply or recall new information, and poor math scores. Additionally, children who consistently miss out on breakfast increase their likelihood of repeating a grade. Translate this over to the adult world – by skipping breakfast, your brain’s ability to optimally perform will be negatively affected. For a more productive work day, don’t miss getting down healthy calories first thing in your morning.

  • Weight management. By not skipping your morning meal, you will avoid being excessively hungry later in the day. This concept is simple – skipping breakfast means you’ll have a ravenous appetite later which seldom leads to you choosing nutrient dense foods rather nutrient lacking calorie packed food choices high in fat and/or sugar. Simply put, a healthy morning meal will keep your appetite in check allowing you to make a better choice around lunchtime.


Plan the night before what you will eat when you wake up. Even if it’s just a bowl of whole grain cereal and piece of fruit. Set out the bowl, spoon, cereal & fruit where you would like to sit down and eat. All you have to do in the morning is grab the milk from the frig, have a seat, pour & eat.


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