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Blood Presure

The human body's blood pressure changes throughout the day based on activity levels. For example, blood pressure tends to be lower at night while the body is at rest and sleeping.

Conversely, blood pressure tends to rise in stressful situations and during exercise because the heart needs to work harder to supply the body with blood it needs during movement.

What is hypertension?

Hypertension is the term for high blood pressure (HBP). Elevated blood pressure is a systolic number of 120-129 and a diastolic number of less than 80. This is sometimes referred to as prehypertension.

Stage 1 hypertension is a systolic number of 130-139 or a diastolic number of 80-90.

Stage 2 hypertension is a systolic number of 140 or a diastolic number of 90 or higher.

Finally, a hypertensive crisis is higher than 180 systolic number and/ or a diastolic is higher than 120 reading.

Why is hypertension risky for health?

HBP exerts shear stress on the human body's blood vessels. This can damage the blood vessels walls leading to formation of arterial plaques over time, thereby narrowing the blood vessels and restricting blood flow. If this happens where the blood flow is blocked to the heart, a heart attack (myocardial infarction) can occur. Therefore, hypertension is linked to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

What cause high blood pressure?


Tobacco Use

Excessive Alcohol Comsumption

Physical Inactivity

Poor Nutritional Choices


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Bi-annual Edition, June 2023

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